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Who was Maurine F. Bailey?

Mission Statement

To preserve the legacy of excellence of the celebrated music educator Maurine F. Bailey, and to create, develop and sustain educational opportunities in the Arts and Sciences through scholarships, financial assistance and advocacy.

We Are All About Education

History of the Maurine F. Baily Cultural Foundation

The Maurine F. Bailey Cultural Foundation(MFBCF) was established in 2000. The primary function of the MFBCF is to provide financial assistance to under-served students as they enter college. Recognizing the financial challenges as well as competing and less positive choices facing today’s youth, MFBCF is committed to providing uplifting alternatives for youth that are consistent with the life and legacy of excellence that were the hallmark of Mrs. Maurine F. Bailey.

Mrs. Bailey dedicated her life to providing music education, cultural exposure, and to the ideals of clean living, high thinking, and respect for self and others. The two words she emphasized were integrity and gratitude. She explained that “Integrity keeps you honest and gratitude keeps you humble.” For 25 years she instilled these principles. Mrs. Bailey believed that if students were exposed to a variety of career options, the experience would provide a framework that would help them recognize and pursue new and meaningful opportunities. Maurine F. Bailey impacted the lives of hundreds of students who have become local and national leaders in a variety of professions. The spirit in which Mrs. Bailey lived her life and changed the lives of countless young people is embodied in everything the MFBCF does.

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